Let’s dance across constructed divides and sing together about utopias! We stand up for a world without borders and nation states. On August 23 + 24, 2024, the NO BORDERS NO NATIONS Festival of the Reitschule will take place on the Schützenmatte in Bern. The festival does not rely on large companies as sponsors and is based on solidarity-based work. We need your help so that the festival can take place.

The first NO BORDERS NO NATIONS festival took place in 2014. 10 years later, we are organizing this daring event for the sixth time on the Schützenmatte in Bern. A lot has changed since then, but we still want:

  • A festival that encourages people to think for themselves and reflect.
  • A festival organized by people for people.
  • A festival that is there to connect and at the same time break boundaries.
  • A festival where there are no fences and everyone is welcome.
  • A festival where we celebrate together and imagine a world without borders.
  • A festival where we work exclusively in solidarity.
  • A festival without consumerism and advertising space.

What was a daring project in 2014 is even more so today. The last few years have also left their mark on us. To get such a mammoth project off the ground again, we need your help: become our sponsor! We don’t need big companies to be able to organize culture. Our main sponsors will be the friends of the Reitschule. With your donation, you make a great event in the middle of the city of Bern possible and thus support the entire Reitschule We want political culture for everyone!

Fight for your REIT!